Korian and EPSU sign landmark agreement in care sector

©CanStockPhoto - Nurse in aged care - gina_sanders

(Press release - 29 April 2019) Today the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) signed an agreement with the French multinational Korian to establish a European Works Council (EWC). This marks the first time that an EWC has been established in care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Today's signature is a breakthrough in a growing sector and will allow EPSU and its affiliates on the ground to continue to fight to improve the working condition of workers in social care.

The agreement comes after months of negotiations and opens the way for further agreements in the sector. EPSU, the European trade union in the field of health and care, thanks the affiliates and the worker representatives who have ensured this process ends with an EWC.

The EWC is a body of information and consultation between elected workers’ representatives and management on key issues facing the workers in the company. Korian is one of the most important multinationals in social care with over 52.000 workers in 6 European countries.

EPSU general secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan says “With this agreement between EPSU and the unions and Korian to set up a European Works Council we are taking an important step to improve information and consultation rights in the company. It will contribute to improving working conditions that are crucial for delivering quality care. This agreement sets a standard for the social care sector and it is welcome that Korian shows leadership here among the French and other European multinational companies.”

EPSU will continue to defend its affiliates in the sector and keep fighting to achieve other EWCs in social care.

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