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Time for Public Services!

The European Public Services Union (EPSU) is set to hold its 11th Congress at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, from 18 to 20 June 2024. This pivotal event will bring together 500 trade unionists from 45 countries to stand up for public services and the rights of public service workers. EPSU celebrated in 2023 its 45 years of existence.

Some of the keynote speakers are : Quentin Parrinello from the EU Tax Observatory, Ludovic Voet, confederal secretary of the ETUC and Hans Kluge, Director of World Health Organisation (WHO) European Region amongst others. See the entire programme here.

The congress is an opportunity for the local press to get first hand accounts from trade unions under the authoritarian regime in Belarus, public sector workers representative from Ukraine and trade union leaders of health sector that were at the forefront of the fight against pandemic, firefighters from across Europe that will face another summer of wildfires and a long list of other workers representatives.

The slogan of congress is Time for Public Services now! Public services are crucial to delivering on the key priorities for most Europeans (health, care, education...), and it’s time for Europe to recognise the role that public service workers play in this. The time for public services is now!

The five themes of the congress debates are:

  • Securing peace, democracy, equality, rights and freedoms
  • Reclaiming and strengthening public services
  • Fighting for a green, digital and socially just transition
  • Quality jobs make for quality services
  • Building and strengthening public service trade unions.

The congress will hold elections for several positions, including President and General Secretary.

For any press request please contact : Pablo Sanchez, [email protected], 0032 474626633.

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Main registrations: 17 June from 18h30 to 20h00. Late arrival registrations: 18 June from 08h00 to 09h00.

Time for Public Services!

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