Worker involvement in the European Company (SE) - new web site launched

You can already find on the web page information on aspects such as - The state of the art of the transposition process of the SE legislation into national laws; - Documents and background information on the European Company (e.g. working papers, political statements, legal texts); - Information on existing systems of board-level participation. An international network of researchers will provide the website with an ongoing mix of country reports and articles on specific topics. As from October 2004 companies will be able to set up a European Company (SE). Not only does the SE legislation guarantee the information and consultation rights of workers; it also introduces the possibility of (board-level) participation in the SE. This new legislation represents a historic compromise whereby workers' participation on management or supervisory boards becomes standard practice. SEEUROPE is a project carried out by the European Trade Union Institute and funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation. It is designed to pursue a twofold aim: - To conduct ongoing empirical observation of the preparatory phase of Ses and practical implementation of worker participation in selected companies;to develop and process the information thus gained for ongoing trade union discussion in Europe. - To analyse the ways in which workers' influence on companies' decisions and strategies can contribute to achievement of the European Social Model. Kind regards Dr. Norbert Kluge, ETUI For further information, please contact: Dr. Norbert Kluge, [>], 0032 2 2240 508 Michael Stollt, [>], 0032 2 2240 521 [>]