EPSU supports Latvian health workers in new protest for quality care

Previous action Latvian health and care workers on 7 November

Previous action Latvian health and care workers on 7 November

(Brussels, 27 November 2019) Latvian health and care workers are staging a new protest in front of the Parliament (Saeima) on 28 November. It is the latest in a series of protests of health and care workers in Europe. EPSU sent a letter of support.

“Europe’s health and care workers are having enough of years of lack of respect for their work and the lack of funding. They are on the move across the EU. We want an end to being underpaid, understaffed and our public health systems being under-resourced. The quality of work and of care is threatened. We expect that the new Commission Action Plan to implement the Pillar of Social Rights will address the acute situation.”

Latvian workers are angry that the government is not respecting its commitments for more funding. This would ensure an increase in wages.  Due to the very low salaries, workers, including nurses and doctors, are leaving the country. The earlier agreed funding would allow for improved accessibility to the health and care system. The European Commission has on several occasions expressed its concerns and recommended the government to substantially increase the funding, now for 4 years running. The EU Commission comments come in the Country Specific Recommendations as part of the EU’s Economic Semester.  EPSU and the Latvian unions have a long campaign to draw attention to the problems in Latvia. The union won the esteemed Silver Rose Award in 2011.

A previous action took place 7 November

EPSU letter of support

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