19 October 2020

FESE/EPSU - Social Dialogue in Social Services for a Strong Social Europe

This conference marks the end of the DialogueS project, which aims to strengthen the capacity of social partners in social services to engage at both national and European level and set up adequate sectoral social dialogue structures. The aim of the conference is to draw lessons from the project and further build the path towards a European Social Dialogue in social services. To this end we will:

  • reflect on the work that has been done in the project, including thematic conferences, capacity building events and research;
  • discuss the opportunities and challenges of building and strengthening social dialogue structures in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe;
  • explore the opportunities of a European Social Dialogue in social services and the concrete shape it can take;
  • debate in a panel how COVID-19 affected social services and highlighted  previously existing challenges related to understaffing or  working conditions
  • look back on what EPSU and the Social Employers have been doing together to raise attention to these urgent matters in the sector
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19 October 2020

1000 Brussels
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