23 March 2018

EPSU – CEMR Project: Opening Seminar “Localising the European Semester”

Dear colleagues,

You are warmly invited to attend the opening seminar of our new CEMR-EPSU joint project “Localising the European Semester”, that focuses on the involvement of the local and regional government sector’s social partners in the European Semester and on their capacity building. This project is financed by the European Commission and financial assistance is available for members from EU and candidate countries (maximum 25 per side).

Please note that the seminar takes place back-to-back with the social dialogue committee planned for 22 March in Brussels. A separate invitation and agenda for this meeting will follow in the next days.

The opening seminar will aim at setting the scene and providing participants with a complete information about the goals and the functioning of the European Semester.

23 March 2018

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