16 June 2023

1st conference of the CEMR-EPSU "Local, Social, Digital" project

This project aims at strengthening the capacity of national social partners by facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge in the form of good practice examples, technical expertise, and policy planning when it comes to the digital transformation of the EU’s public sector.

The project focuses on the ongoing digital transformation of public administration and services at local level, in line with the targets of the EU 2030 Digital Compass. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, local and regional governments have been at the forefront of a radical transition regarding the way public administration is organised and services are provided.

The digitalisation of local public services and of the local public administration will have a considerable impact on working conditions and on the way public services are delivered in our local and regional administrations. This would require bold and proactive collective bargaining at the local and regional level in order to adequately reflect those structural changes and ensure that collective bargaining can support the digital transformation of the public administration.

The meeting documents are available here.

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16 June 2023

Viale Monastir, 17
09122 Cagliari