EPSU’s South East Europe constituency meeting tackles gender equality, recruitment and collective bargaining

EPSU’s South East Europe constituency meeting, 28-29 March 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

EPSU’s South East Europe constituency meeting, 28-29 March 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

(31 March 2017) EPSU’s south east European Constituency meeting, which met in Sofia 28-29 March 2017,  held in-depth discussions on the persistence of the gender pay gap and what could be done to reduce inequality through collective bargaining. Participants drew on reports from both EPSU’s Gender and Women’s Equality Committee and PSI Women’s Committee, to help facilitate the deliberations. The discussion also addressed women’s representation in trade unions, highlighting some of the positive steps which have been taken, but also recognising that much more needs to be done to ensure that more women obtain leadership roles within trade unions.

Participants exchanged information on recent on recent political and social developments in their countries with the Turkish affiliates providing an update on the continuing attacks on trade unionists that are part of the fallout from last year’s coup.

The Sofia meeting also addressed EPSU’s strategies around trade unions’ capacity to recruit, organise and campaign. Attendees were provided with information on the various ways in which EPSU works with the European Trade Union Institute and a number of its larger affiliates, on these three key issues. It is hoped that similar structures can be developed to provide support for EPSU affiliates in South East Europe. A colleague from Sanitas in Romania outlined how they had benefited from EPSU’s project run in 2016 and affiliates were offered similar support in terms of planning and conducting recruitment campaigns.

The meeting also discussed preparations for the upcoming PSI Congress,  covering the draft programme of action  that  sets out a clear path to put people before profit and reinforce the provision of quality public services and workers’ rights around the globe.   

The SEE constituency consists of affiliates from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Turkey.

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