Italian waste strike a major success

Update: {(18 November 2009)}
The Italian unions organizing in the waste sector including EPSU affiliate CGIL-FP achieved a major success in their protest against the reforms of the government in the waste sector, 18 November 2009. With total or near stoppages of work in all regions, the unions are giving a strong signal to the government that the restructuring and privatization of the waste sector and companies does not have the support of workers.
{{{Italian unions announce national strike in the waste sector, 18 November 2009}}} {(3 November 2009)} Italian unions including EPSU affiliated union CGIL-FP have announced a national strike in the waste sector for 18 November. The joint action by the unions of CGIL, CISL and UIL is to protest government plans for the sector which will lead to privatisation or some form of public private partnership with at least a 40% share going to the private sector. The implications are that there will be very few services that will continue to be run by in-house providers. Apart from the likely impact on pay and conditions, the unions are worried about the effect of the reforms on environmental policies and the quality of service.
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