More work needed says Steering Committee of gas skills mapping project – postponing conference

(18 June 2012) The researcher of the project presented the work done since April giving an overview of the contacts and institutions in the different countries involved in skills, qualifications and labour market research in 23 different countries of the EU. Following a round of questions and comments, improvements in the presentation are sought to make clearer distinctions such as between public and private bodies and those that deal with general economy or the energy or gas sector. A table will be circulated to validate the information. A survey was considered to request more information from the national organisations, especially regarding the forward looking approach and involvement of unions and employers. The results were such that the steering committee could not decide the bodies to invite or the speakers. The open and special social dialogue meeting foreseen for 7 September will become an ordinary Steering committee. The 3rd meeting of the Steering Committee took place on 14 June 2012, in Brussels; Jan Willem Goudriaan participated for EPSU.