Energy Roadmaps, Nuclear security, skills on agenda of EU Social partners

A representative of DG Energy presented an outline of the work the European Commission is undertaking regarding the Energy Roadmaps 2050 (attached below). A critical discussion followed dominated by questions of the price of electricity, the perspective and stability for investors, the specific fuel mix foreseen to arrive at a reduction of CO2 emissions with nearly 100% in 2050 and the need for just employment transition principles. The social partners draw attention to their joint statement to the public consultation in which they request that the options of the impact assessment include a just transition dimension.

Another major issue concerned nuclear safety. The trade union group considered the importance of a number of issues such as overall security and safety in the industry, transparency and accountability, the independence of regulators, information and consultation and the role of the social partners at all levels, health and safety, skills, decommissioning, the impact of decisions on future developments energy scenarios as proposed by the Commission. These were presented to the employers side including the possible action points that could be considered. These discussions will be continued and the social partners will request the European Commission to represent the results of the stress tests to the electricity social dialogue committee 6 December 2011. More information on the work of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators can be found at:

Other issues considered:

- The EU External energy policy. The social partners will underline the importance of the social dimension again. A communication is expected in September 2011 and it will be one of the priority issues of the Polish Presidency
- The response of the EU Commission regarding the Joint Position on the introduction on smart meters. The social partners welcomed the response of the Commission which underlines the importance of including employment, training and health and safety issues in the planning of the roll-outs. They will follow up in the context of ongoing consultation on smart grids.
- Joint project on the mapping of skills. Following several rounds of discussion a joint project was approved and will be submitted to the European Commission.
- Other issues not discussed concerned the possible Communication on a Framework for Restructuring and the work of the European Commission on the disclosure of non-financial information. The electricity social partners have done major work on restructuring.
- The work programme (attached below) for 2011-2012 was also approved.

The EPSU delegation included representatives from ECHO, AbvaKabo, Verdi, FLAEI, FO-FNEM, UGT-FIA, Lithuanian energy workers. Jan Willem Goudriaan participate for the EPSU Secretariat. The meeting took place 23 June 2011, Brussels. Next meetings: 30 September, working group; 6 December plenary session.

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