Meeting of the Macro-Economic Dialogue at technical level - short report

(Brussels, 28 October 2010) The meeting revolved around two issues: assessing the macro-economic situation in Europe and evaluating the Commission’s proposal for budgetary control. The dialogue brings together delegations of ETUC, BusinessEurope, CEEP and UEAPME, the European Commission (DG Economy and Monetary Affairs, the ECB and Member States (Presidency) and as Economic Policy Committee. It prepares for the high level dialogue which will take place 16 November 2010. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary participated in the ETUC delegation. Links: - [Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs->](DG ECFIN) - [Economic Policy Committee->] - [EPSU: Financial and Economic Crisis->rub447] - [ETUC: Resolution on economic governance->]