ETUC focuses on excessive flexibility

The ETUC Executive Committee agreed a resolution on collective bargaining at the beginning of December that warns of the dangers of “excessive flexibility”. The ETUC argues that employers appear to be putting the emphasis on getting more flexible working arrangements rather than on increasing working time. It is calling on affiliates to raise the issue of precarious employment in their negotiations in 2006, to challenge flexibility that is only in the employers' interest and to report back to the Collective Bargaining Committee next May. The resolution also suggests that more should be done through collective bargaining to tackle the gender pay gap and warns of the need to resist employers' pressures to decentralise bargaining. As background to the resolution the ETUC has also published its annual report on collective bargaining which points to a further decline in average pay increases over the year compared to 2004 and 2003 but that in the majority of cases the trend was still in favour of real increases in negotiated pay. [Read more at > ETUC->] [And the annual report at > ETUC->]

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