Childcare and energy agreements

Latest collective bargaining news from the ABVAKABO website provides details on two agreements that stretch into 2007. Childcare workers will get three pay increases during their 16-month agreement which runs from 1 January 2006 to 30 April 2007. The increases are 1% in April 2006, 0.75% in October and then 0.25% in January 2007. In electricity distribution and production there is a longer deal. Although only agreed earlier this month it effectively runs from 1 January 2005 (or 1 April 2005 for the distribution sector) to 1 June 2007. The three pay increases take place in April 2005, April 2006 and January 2007 and are worth 1.25%, 1.5% and 0.25%. [Read more at > ABVAKABO->] [And > ABVAKABO->]

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