Federation calls two one-day strikes

The FNSFP public services federation has called two one-day strikes on 20 and 26 October. The first is part of the unions' continuing campaign of opposition to the government's proposed increase in pension age and latest pay offer which will mean another real cut in pay for public administration workers. The second strike is specifically aimed at the Ministry of Justice where again proposals on pensions and restructuring have angered unions along with the Ministry's failure to abide by collective bargaining agreements. [Read more at > FNSFP->http://www.fnsfp.pt/?pageact=art&id=584&idCanal=0] [Read more at > STAL->http://www.stal.pt/artigo.asp?id=753] [Read more at > FNSFP->http://www.fnsfp.pt/?pageact=art&id=586&idCanal=0] [Read more at > STE->http://www.ste.pt/actualidade/2005/10/act11Out2005_01.html]

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