Unions disagree over EDF pay offer

The CGT, FO and CFTC unions have refused to sign a new pay agreement with EDF although the agreement is being implemented following the decision by the CFDT and CFE-CGC unions to sign. The deal involves a 1.2% general increase from January 2010, based on the predicted level of inflation next year. There is also 0.7% for individual increases, 0.3% related to changes to the pension system and 0.6% linked to seniority increases in the pay scale. During energy sector campaigning and strike action earlier this year unions had been looking for a 5% increase to compensate for a loss in purchasing power in recent years. [Read more at > FNME-CGT (FR)->http://www.fnme-cgt.fr/pages/communique.php?id=45] [And at > FNEM-FO (FR)->http://www.fnem-fo.org/content/view/667/1/]

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