Unions prepare for 23 September strike in private healthcare


The FP CGIL, CISL FP, and UIL FPL are preparing for a strike on 23 September, protesting against the lack of progress in negotiations for a collective agreement in the private healthcare sector. The dispute primarily revolves around the failure of the AIOP and ARIS employer organisations to initiate negotiations on agreements covering nursing homes and the private health sector. This is despite previous mobilizations and temporary agreements negotiated with the unions. The unions are frustrated over the bargaining deadlock spanning 12 years, leading to what they term "contractual dumping" and the undermining of workers' employment conditions. In the nursing home sector, two bridge agreements were signed between October and January to pave the way for a single sector contract by June, yet the employers have stalled the negotiations. Highlighting the importance of the sector in providing essential public services, the unions stress the need for AIOP and ARIS to recognize workers' rights and professionalism. They condemn the indifference shown towards the sector's workers and have announced plans for a national mobilisation in the lead up to the strike in September.

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