Strike across administrative units escalates


The ZSSS trade union confederation reports that workers in state administrative units have intensified their strike, extending it across the majority of units until their demands are met. This move comes amid ongoing dissatisfaction over low wages and overwhelming workloads. Despite repeated strikes, negotiations, and appeals, the government's response remains inadequate. The SDOS state workers’ union has condemned the Ministry of Public Administration's attempt to stifle the strike by assigning urgent tasks during the strike period. It  views this as a blatant suppression tactic, prompting the union to pursue legal action. The strike, affecting 34 out of 58 administrative units, underscores the gravity of the situation. Workers demand fair wages, reduced workloads, and improved working conditions. However, only a fraction of units have suspended strike activities, due to illegal pressure from management. The SDOS says that the heart of the issue is the discrepancy between the vital role administrative units play and the lack of recognition and support they receive and the inadequate levels of pay, with some even on the minimum wage despite years of service.

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