Public sector workers demand tax reform and fair wages


The Publisind Federation, alongside other federations in the BNS confederation, organised a rally on 13 May to protest against excessive fees and taxes imposed by the government. They argue that these financial burdens are disproportionate and impact both the private and public sectors. Since 2018, the government has shifted social security contributions entirely onto employees, doubling their health and pension contributions while reducing employers' contributions to zero. Despite unions’ numerous court victories, the government has failed to implement a fair wage framework, preferring instead to introduce new taxes. The rally marks the beginning of a campaign aimed at demanding genuine tax reform. Meanwhile, Publisind members at the Ministry of Investments and European Projects (MIPE) staged protests on 16 and 17 May, highlighting their dire working conditions. The union says that the workers have faced a sixfold increase in workload since 2019, coupled with inadequate working conditions. Despite achieving a historic 96% fund absorption rate, staff retention is at risk. Protesters demand the alignment of salaries with the highest levels within the administration and other improvements in working conditions.

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