Healthcare union strikes for improved working conditions


The Vårdförbundet health professionals’ union has declared a strike involving 2,000 members across five regions, starting on 4 June, in its current dispute over workload and working hours. The union emphasizes the need for shorter working hours to ensure sustainable careers and expresses frustration over stalled negotiations with the SKR and Sobona employer organisations. Meanwhile, 68000 members are maintaing the union’s overtime ban. The union's demand for reduced working hours is backed by data revealing significant part-time work among members and concerns over the profession's long-term viability. Public support for the union's cause is evident, with a survey showing seven out of 10 respondents support a reduction in working hours for healthcare professionals. The union has emphasized the urgency of the situation, asserting that failure to address these concerns could jeopardize the future of the healthcare system. In the lead up to the strike, the union is urging the employers to prioritize dialogue and seek mutually beneficial solutions to ensure the sustainability of the healthcare workforce.

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