Unions’ joint letter calls for bargaining in tax agency


In advance of their rally in Madrid on 8 May, unions that organise in the AEAT national tax agency, including FSC-CCOO and UGT-SP, have written a joint letter to the Minister of Finance and First Vice-President of the Government, asking the minister to get involved in finding a solution to the existing labour dispute and to organise a meeting to unblock the situation. The unions are not ruling out a strike to coincide with the government’s income tax campaign. They argue that it is crucial to start collective bargaining to address a range of pay issues across the agency, particularly to achieve the objectives in relation to the fight against tax fraud, money laundering and drug trafficking. Career development, productivity and equity across various occupational groups are among the unions’ concerns. The unions point out that they have made repeated calls for social dialogue but the head of the AEAT has failed to meet them since taking office in 2018.

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