Union keeps up pressure for effective nurse staffing regulation


The ver.di trade union is keeping up pressure for the government to introduce the PPR 2.0 nursing staff regulation that would set binding staffing requirements. The union is concerned about the political disputes between federal and state governments that have led to further delays in implementation. The implication is that the regulation will probably not start to come into effect until 2027. Ver.di argues that this delay is bad news for patients and the overburdened workers who are paying the price for years of inaction on the part of policymakers. The union is also concerned about proposals to include nursing assistants and other occupational groups in the staffing requirements rather than keeping the focus on qualified nursing staff. Ver.di developed PPR 2.0 together with the German Hospital Association and the German Nursing Council back in 2019. With the help of the instrument, legal needs-based requirements for staffing are to be made for bedside care. The PPR 2.0 would apply equally to all of the more than 1,500 acute care hospitals across the country.

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