Healthcare union steps up overtime and recruitment ban


On 20 May a further 5000 health professionals are due to join the overtime and recruitment ban launched by the SAHP trade union on 25 April. Some 63,000 midwives, biomedical analysts, radiology nurses, and nurses are already part of the action which means no employee can work overtime or accept new employment offers within specified occupational groups. The SAHP says that the employers, SKR and Sobona, have failed to come up with adequate responses to the key demands for a long-term and gradual reduction in working hours, sustainable schedules and a positive wage development. The union is particularly concerned to secure more stable, full-time positions across healthcare. No negotiations have taken place since the overtime ban began. The SAHP says this escalation comes amidst concerning trends, including a notable proportion of healthcare workers opting for part-time roles due to workload concerns and a troubling turnover rate among young professionals.

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