Federations prepare to mobilise in private and non-profit health and care


The public service federations – FP-CGIL, CISL-FP and UIL-FPL – are mobilising their members across private health and care in response to a refusal of the Aiop and Aris employer organisations to negotiate a new collective agreement for the sector. The unions have repeatedly requested that the two organisations meet to discuss having a single collective agreement, having recently signed bridging agreements in preparation for the negotiations. The federations have asked the Ministry of Labour and the Guarantee Commission to initiate the procedures for mandatory conciliation. Negotiations were interrupted on 26 March when Aiop and Aris declared that they had no intention of entering into negotiations until they had received reassurances from the competent institutions, the Ministry of Health and the Conference of the Regions, on funding of the costs of the agreement. The unions say that situation is unsustainable with the last agreements with each of the employer organisations dating back 12 years and with workers’ wages seriously eroded by inflation. If the mandatory attempt at conciliation doesn’t deliver then the federations say they will plan action and possible strikes across the sector in order to deal with the legitimate demands of workers who, provide care to the most vulnerable people in society.

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