Administrative workers continue strike for seventh week


The ZSSS trade union confederation reports that administrative workers across Slovenia continued their weekly strike on the 24 April, marking their seventh consecutive Wednesday of industrial action. Organized by the Union of State Bodies of Slovenia (SDOS), the strike underscores persistent grievances surrounding low wages and excessive workloads, prompting calls for urgent governmental intervention. At the heart of the dispute lie demands for substantial wage increases and equitable job titles akin to those in ministries. The SDOS advocates for a seven-grade pay rise and a monthly gross allowance of up to €300 until a comprehensive salary structure is implemented. Moreover, the departure of experienced staff and a dearth of replacements exacerbate the strain on administrative units, underscoring the urgency for resolution. The union is critical of the Ministry of Public Administration for its perceived apathy towards the strikers' plight. The SDOS issued an ultimatum, giving the government eight days to propose a viable resolution or face an escalation of the strike. Several administrative units have already voted to extend the strike indefinitely.

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