Official figures reveal scale of attacks on health workers


The FP-CGIL public service federation reports that the latest official data show that there were 16000 incidents of aggression against health and social care personnel in 2023, affecting 18000 workers. The statistics were published in the 2023 report from the National Observatory on the Safety of Health and Social Care Professionals which was established in January 2022 and is made up of the Ministries of Health, Interior, Economy and Finance and Labour, other government agencies, trade unions and regional professional associations. Nurses were the most affected by incidents of aggression, followed by doctors and social workers. Two-thirds of those assaulted were women and the environments with highest risk were emergency rooms, inpatient areas, psychiatric services and outpatient clinics. The main aggressors were patients (69%) and their relatives (28%), with 68% of assaults being verbal, 26% physical and 6% against property.

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