Dispute in Ministry of Justice continues


The FSC-CCOO federation organised protest rallies on 20 and 21 March in its continuing dispute with the Ministry of Justice, marking almost a year since the union began a series of strike actions. The federation is seeking a salary increase for all staff in general and special bodies, negotiations on the Efficiency Law which has implications for workers’ pay and conditions, proper recognition of functions and career development. The FSC-CCOO says that the Ministry broke off negotiations on 7 March saying it would not negotiate a salary increase for all workers. The federation is also angry that the government has endorsed a further draft law on efficiency without consulting with the unions. The FSC-CCOO argues that the Ministry is failing to understand the core nature of the dispute with the central demand that all Ministry workers should benefit from salary increases that have already been awarded to higher grades that make up only 7% of the service.

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