Health union looks to shorter full-time hours to tackle overwork


A new report from the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (SAHP) shows that more than four out of 10 young people up to the age of 29 do not believe that they will stay in healthcare for the rest of their working lives. One in five young people testify that the workload is so high with inadequate rest and recovery that it cannot be managed. The union argues that if young people leave the health care system, the existing staffing shortages will worsen. The report shows that more than half of young people feel that staffing is rarely or never sufficient and 85% believe that the workload is high, very high or too high. The union says that weekly working hours are unreasonable in healthcare, with staff working around the clock, all year round. SAHP says It's not uncommon for a nurse to work six days a week, with a single day to recover. The union is calling for a reduction in working hours so that more people can work full-time.

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