Unions sign wage deal but not all back plan for pay system negotations


The ZSSS trade union confederation reports that some public sector unions have signed an agreement on a partial alignment of wages with inflation, which foresees a wage adjustment of 80% of inflation over the one-year period from December 2022 to December last year, and an earlier holiday payment in February rather than June. With inflation at 4.2%, this means a pay increase of 3.36% in June this year.  The government also wanted to agree a delay in negotiations over implementation of the reform of the wage system that was due to start on 1 January. To go ahead, this agreement must be signed by half of all the 45 trade unions in the public sector negotiating group. Twenty-two had signed up by mid-January but some were still discussing it and others, including the state authorities union (SDOS) and firefighters (SPGS) refused to sign because the deal prohibits trade unions from strike action on the content of the deal until September 13 this year.

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