Union plans survey and action on working time, workloads and staffing


The ver.di trade union starts the new year with a demand for better working hours and working conditions, more money and more staff across the public services and is launching a campaign and survey on working hours among public sector employees. In local public transport the union is calling for a reduction in weekly working hours, additional relief days for shift and night work and an increase in holiday entitlement. Ver.di also says that a total of more than 300,000 positions are currently unfilled in federal, state and local governments and with many workers due to retire around 1.4 million positions will have to be filled over the next 10 years. The situation is already problematic in areas like IT, childcare, fire services, social work and immigration services. Ver.di’s survey on working time will address how to deal with stress and labour shortages, uncovering the areas in which workloads are particularly high and what the consequences are. The survey will start this month and run until the end of March 2024. The results will then be discussed with ver.di members and feed into the demands for the 2025 collective bargaining and salary round with the federal government and municipalities which will begin in mid-June 2024. Negotiations in regional government will begin in January 2025.

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