Unions raise alarm over health and care staffing and violence


The FNV trade union is again sounding the alarm over staff shortages in health and social care following the release of official forecasts for the coming decade. The figures show that, on current trends there is a real risk of serious breakdown in the sector which faces an expected shortage of almost 190,000 employees by 2033. The FNV is calling for urgent action, noting that the 5000 shortfall in hospital staff now is set to rise to 27700 in 2033 and that the understaffing exposed by the COVID pandemic will be permanent state of affairs in future. The FNV is calling on the government to develop an emergency plan and to address the pay and conditions and workload issues that contribute to the challenges of recruiting and retaining enough staff. Meanwhile, the NU’91 union has released new survey data exposing the problem of violence endured by healthcare workers with over half facing some form of aggression on a monthly basis. The deteriorating situation means that over a fifth are now saying that they are considering leaving the profession.

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