Union sets out key demands for upcoming bargaining


The Kommunal trade union has had an initial exchange with the SALAR and Sobona employer organisations ahead of the negotiations this spring on the largest collective agreement in Sweden, covering 1.2 million workers in healthcare, schools and social services. The union wants a new wage arrangement that provides a clear link between salary and professional development. Kommunal also wants a system that achieves sustainable working hours based on annual staffing surveys and with a move away from split shifts. According to the union the current pay system is too arbitrary and seven out of 10 members feel that the salary criteria are not followed in the workplace. The union wants to see a number of interim measures to improve salary arrangements until the new system is up and running. As for sustainable hours, Kommunal is calling for action on staffing and measures to ensure continuity and predictability. It found that 26% of members feel that they rarely or never have time to do all their tasks within regular working hours while 44% state that they find it difficult to take breaks most or every day, and as many as 68% are very or fairly worried about not being able to work until retirement age.

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