Union raises alarm over attacks on public service workers


The ver.di trade union has strongly condemned the violence against firefighters, rescue services and police officers on New Year's Eve and calls on employers to do much more to fulfil their duty of care towards employees. Numerous workers were injured after coming under fire from rockets and firecrackers or as a result of other attacks. The events on New Year's Eve have highlighted the kinds of violence to which many public sector workers are exposed on a day-to-day basis. The union wants employers to ensure they document all incidents and that employees report all assaults, write accident reports and file criminal charges. However, ver.di also wants to see much more preventive action and preparation of employees for dealing with situations that could escalate into violence. The union is worried that there is a massive lack of of help and support before and after an assault and it wants employers to urgently address this problem and assume their responsibility towards their employees.

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