Unions agree deals in municipal and regional government


The 480,000 workers in municipalities and 140,000 workers in regional government are set to get pay increases of 4% from 1 April as a first instalment of the 6.51% (municipal) and 6.53% (regional) increases over the next two years. An additional 2% fund is available for unions to negotiate separately for different groups of workers and so the overall pay rise will be closer to 8.8% and with an expectation that the real increase overall will be 2.17%. There are also additional amounts for the lower paid. At the end of 2025 there will be further negotiations that will focus on the comparative development of public and private sector pay. Workers will also get to accumulate hours from additional work and overtime up to 15 days a year that they can take as paid leave. There is a range of additional improvements including to maternity leave, shop stewards’ rights, joint training on the psychological work environment and commitments to joint efforts to tackle work-related physical and psychological violence and harassment. Some of the main unions involved in the negotiations include FOA (municipal, regional), HK Kommunal (municipal, regional) and DSR (municipal, regional).

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