Strike action delivers another agreement on staffing and workloads


The ver.di trade union continues to negotiate with employers in the private and non-profit health sector to tackle staff shortages. The latest success comes after 19 days of strike action at the Jewish Hospital in Berlin where staffing levels will be stipulated across most areas of operation and employees will get compensation in the form of additional days off if the hospital fails to abide by the agreement. If workers are in stressful situations because of staff shortages they accumulate points which can mount up to be taken as time off. The agreement will apply from December 2024. Public hospitals in the capital already have agreements on staffing and workloads and the Jewish Hospital was seeing staff leaving for workplaces with better conditions. The negotiations began last year but with little movement, 94% of ver.di members voted for strike action in December. The union has just started a similar initiative at the Sana private hospital in Berlin with a petition in support of a staffing/workload agreement. Meanwhile, the final details of a staffing/workloads agreement which has been in discussion since April 2023, was signed at the end of January and covers employees at the University Hospital Giessen and Marburg, part of the Asklepios group.

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