Hospital workers to get 7% over two years


The FNV and NU’91 trade unions have negotiated a new collective agreement covering the 80,000 employees of the University Medical Centres. Salaries will increase by 4% on 1 May 2024, (maximum of €246.24, gross/full-time basis) and on 1 July 2025, by 3% (maximum of €192.06, gross/full-time basis). If inflation in 2025 is significantly higher than 3%, then an additional agreement could be negotiated. There will be a travel allowance of 0.18 per kilometre and the working from home allowance will increase to €2.35 per day and will be automatically adjusted each year to the maximum tax allowance. Allowances for on-call and standby duty will be increased. And employees who need to change clothes at work will receive an allowance of €80 gross per month, based on full-time employment. Older employees will be able to work on a 80-90-100 basis in the five years before state pension age (80% of working time on 90% of pay but with 100% pension). There are also changes to parental and maternity rights, work-life balance and a new protocol setting out the safety rights and obligations of employees.

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