State sector unions negotiate 7.4% pay increase over two years


Negotiations on a new agreement covering the state sector were concluded on Sunday 11 February with employees set to get a 7.4% pay increase over two years that should deliver a real increase of 2.5%. The first increase will be for 5.9% on 1 April 2024 with a further 1.3% due on 1 April 2025 and 0.2% on 1 November 2025. Additional funds have been allocated for the development of wages and other conditions in the individual collective agreements with the overall package worth 8.8%. There will be an extraordinary salary negotiation at the end of 2025 which will focus on the comparative development on pay in the public and private sectors. Other elements of the deal include DKK 50 million (€6.7 million) for employees who perform vulnerable functions, including employees who are particularly exposed to violence, threats and harassment; a strengthening of conditions for union representatives; three weeks of additional paternity leave; a salary project for the lowest paid; an increase in the special holiday allowance; and increased flexibility. The overall deal with be considered by all the unions affected and there will also be negotiations on agreements covering specific groups of workers. HK Stat was one of the main unions involved but several other unions have members affected, including FOA, HKKF, DPOA, and DSR.

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