Maternity workers to get 10% pay increase


The FNV and NU’91 trade unions have concluded a new 12-month agreement covering around 7800 employees in the sector but with an effective start date of 1 June 2023. The increase comes in three stages with 3.5% backdated to 1 January and then 3.5% on 1 April and 3% on 1 June. The FNV says that the 10% means that maternity workers are catching up with other groups in the health sector but stressed that there remained a major problem about the unpredictability of work. This is still being discussed with the employers and the unions want action to address the high level of absenteeism due to illness (10%) and to make working in maternity care more attractive. The agreement also includes a new safety protocol that sets out the rights and obligations of maternity workers faced by any kind of intimidatory behaviour, harassment or violence. 

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