Warning strikes help deliver good pay deal in waste sector


The ver.di trade union reports a very positive result for employees of the Alba waste and cleaning company based in Cottbus and Lausitz in Eastern Germany. Workers will see a pay increase of at least €335 a month as of 1 January 2025 but with an initial increase of €205 backdated to 1 January 2024. The union says this corresponds to a 14.47% pay increase overall with employees with more than six years of service in pay group 4 getting €432 more, ending up with a gross salary of €2959.53 – an effective increase of 17.09%. Additional payments for unplanned work and work on Saturdays from noon will increase by 25%, by 50% for work on Sundays, and by 75% for work on public holidays. There are also increases on the winter service allowance and for difficult work. The collective agreement runs for 24 months.

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