Ministry of Justice negotiations begin with working groups


After lengthy strike action by Ministry of Justice staff through 2023, trade unions, including the FSC-CCOO and UGT-SP, are now sitting down with ministry officials to try to resolve some of the main areas of dispute. The FSC-CCOO was disappointed at an early stage when its proposals for the remit of two working groups were rejected. The federation wanted one to discuss a general pay increase and other issues and the working group on the efficiency law to discuss working conditions and not just job functions. The FSC-CCOO also raised a number of other issues it wants to see on the negotiating table. In the end, the ministry has set up two working groups to analyse the impact of the new efficiency laws on the work carried out by ministry officials and to discuss teleworking. The working groups were due to run until the end of January. The unions are determined to ensure pay increases for all workers across the ministry and its various agencies and regional bodies.

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