State sector deal delivers higher pay and action on harassment


Members of the FNV trade union are currently voting on whether to accept a new collective agreement covering central government. The deal includes a €1200 one-off payment for full-time employees to compensate for inflation paid in May this year even before the current agreement expires. On 1 July there will be an 8.5% pay increase plus €50 and an increase in the individual choice budget by 0.13% to 16.50% of the salary. A one-off payment of €800 will follow in November 2024 and a further payment of €350 on 1 July 2025. The one-off payments add up to €2350 (pro rata for part timers). The agreement also covers initiatives to tackle violence and harassment with the setting up of a government-wide, independent committee that employees will be able to contact on a confidential basis. There will also be an emergency procedure for employees to deal with work-related issues, such as social abuse, inappropriate treatment and behaviour. If necessary, the committee can take immediate action towards the highest management level to ensure employees’ safety and well-being. Other improvements cover paid care leave, more support for menopausal symptoms and menstrual complaints, tailor-made agreements on working hours, adapted work and hybrid working; extension of hours at the request of the employee and continuing to work after the state pension age.

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