Pay increases of 12%-18% for state administration workers


The Council of Ministers in Bulgaria has agreed to allocate BGN 180 million (€92 million) for a salary increase benefiting 53,000 state administration employees. This increase, averaging BGN 283 (€145) retroactively from 1 January,  aims to address disparities in salaries within the public sector. A decree approved by the Council of Ministers outlines the allocation of a total of BGN 268 million (€137 million) in the budget for this purpose. The KNSB and Podkrepa federations actively participated in negotiations over the past three months to develop the methodology and distribution of these funds. The KNSB said that a detailed analysis was conducted to determine salary increases based on disparities and other factors. The increases range from 12% to 18%, with amounts varying between BGN 200 (€102) and BGN 300 (€153). Employees with the lowest incomes will see the highest percentage increase at around 21%.

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