Collective bargaining stalemate in public sector


The ZSSS trade union confederation reports that some public service trade unions have expressed dissatisfaction with the government's handling of negotiations on wage disparities and the renewal of the wage system. The unions say that the government's lack of commitment to fair negotiations has resulted in a stalemate and the government's failure to provide a counter-proposal for eliminating wage disparities, despite assurances, has led to frustration among union representatives. They argue that the government's approach undermines the importance of public sector workers in maintaining the state's functionality and citizen interests. The unions negotiating team demands clarity from the government regarding wage disparities and a comprehensive proposal for their elimination. They emphasize the urgency of the situation, with negotiations set to resume soon. Moreover, concerns are raised about the attractiveness of public sector jobs, particularly among young people, due to low wages and lack of competitive salaries. This has led to understaffing issues in critical areas such as law enforcement and defence.