Agreement, conciliation and dispute in municipal sector


Trade unions in the municipal sector have been negotiating with the SKR and Sobona employer organisations in local and regional government with differing outcomes so far. The Vision trade union, representing mainly white-collar workers has settled on the basis of a 3.3% general pay rise and commitments to a review of working hours and joint initiatives to deliver healthier workplaces. The Vårdförbundet health professionals’ union has gone to mediation mainly because it has major concerns over the employers’ proposals on working time and the work environment which it believes will mean worse conditions for its members. Meanwhile, the Kommunal trade union, representing mainly blue-collar workers, has announced a dispute and will begin strike action on 18 April unless there is progress in the negotiations. The employers have so far rejected calls by the union to have more order in salary setting and the documenting of salary discussions. Kommunal also wants guarantees that new salaries are paid on time and that daily rest rules must be simplified with decisions must be taken at local level. The union is concerned that employer proposals might worsen provisions on daily rest breaks, particularly for workers in health and care.

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