Pay increases for energy and ambulance workers


Members of the FNV trade union in energy supply voted 83% in favour of a new 18-month collective agreement that is backdated to 1 July 2023. Wages will increase by 6% on 1 October and full-time workers will also get a lump-sum payment of €1000 gross. There will be a further pay rise of 2% on 1 January 2024, which will see the introduction of a minimum hourly wage of €15 gross for skilled employees (including the 2% increase). There will be another 2% increase on 1 July 2024. Meanwhile, the FNV has negotiated a new two-year agreement for 7000 ambulance staff that will run until 31 January 2025. Salaries increase by 1% backdated to 5 February and there will be a 5% increase on 1 December, with a minimum of €150 per month and with maximum of €300 for the higher wage scales. On 1 June 2024, wages will rise again by 5%, with a floor of €150 per month and employees on higher salary scales will receive an additional 2%, plus €180 per month.

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