Conflict looms with catering company


Negotiations over pay and other conditions between the Kommunal trade union and the Visita company that provides catering services for several hospitals have broken down. The union has announced that action by workers at many facilities will go ahead from 14:00 on 15 September unless the company returns to the negotiating table with a commitment to negotiate and particularly to address Kommunal’s proposals to support the lower paid. The union will also block any new hiring as well as implement an overtime ban. Kommunal argues that higher inflation means that it is crucial to deliver pay rises that help the low-paid and is committed to securing an overall pay increase that matches current bargaining trends. Visita is currently insisting on a pay increase below the rates secured across the labour market as a whole. Kommunal argues that the company wants to win public contracts by undercutting other employers, leaving its employees to pay the price.

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