Unions aim for 10.5% pay increase in regional government


The ver.di trade union, leading negotiations covering 1.2 million workers in regional government, has set out the main claim for a 10.5% salary increase, but with a minimum increase of €500 a month. The demands also include an extra €200 for junior staff and trainees are to be taken on for an unlimited period. The unions want a 12-month agreement. Ver.di says employees have high expectations for the outcome of the negotiations and stresses that better pay and conditions are needed to help address the 300,000 staffing shortage across public services. An important aim will be to close the gap with salaries in federal and local government where there is a 10% difference on average, rising to several hundred euros for some occupations. Negotiations were due to begin on 26 October and the unions will expect that the outcome will be applied to over a million civil servants who are not directly covered by the collective agreement.

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