Report finds few examples of shorter working time


The latest review of working time developments by the Eurofound research agency notes increased debates around the issue of working time reduction but few examples of where this has been implemented in practice. It reports on a couple of examples of shorter working hours in the private and non-profit health and social care sectors in Austria and a municipal company in Portugal. The public sector agreement in Lithuania includes additional day’s leave for education and training while national legislation there now allows for a 32-hour/four-day week for state and municipal employees who have children under the age of three. The report found that while the usual working week for full-time employees stood at 39.8 hours in 2022, the average collectively agreed normal full-time working week in the EU was 38.1 hours. In a comparison of sectors it also revealed the collectively agreed normal working week was shortest in public administration (37.7 hours) and longest in retail (38.5 hours). 

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