Latest on public sector and private health negotiations


The first round of bargaining for a 2024 pay increase for public sector workers took place on 20 October and as usual the basic aim was to agree the key figures on which the negotiations would be based. These were established as 9.15% for inflation (year to September 2023) and forecasts of a 0.4%-0.8% decline in economic output. The negotiations involve the public sector unions younion and GÖD. Meanwhile, the first round of bargaining in private health and social care was disappointing for the vida and GPA trade unions as the employer offer of an 8.8% increase was well below the unions’ claim for a 15% increase. The second round of negotiations will take place on 15 November and the unions are already planning a major conference of staff councils on 20 November in the expectation that the negotiations don’t produce a result and so to discuss potential mobilisation.

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