Unions demand commitment to end justice ministry dispute


As negotiations continue to form a new government following the general election last month, the Ministry of Justice has proposed to negotiate an agreement to end the long-running dispute with the FSC-CCOO public services federation and other trade unions. In response the three unions have demanded a public commitment from the Ministry of Justice to meet the demands that led to the mobilizations and the strike. The unions have been calling for improvements to pay and conditions for the majority of the 45000 workers in the ministry. In the meantime, the ministry has agreed salary increases for lawyers, judges and prosecutors which make up around 7% of the workforce. The justice minister, Pilar Llop, has said negotiations will resume as soon as there is a new government but the unions have warned that they will restart their protest actions if this doesn’t happen. The unions are clear that only an agreement based on the improvement to pay and conditions as proposed by the strike committee last April, can open the door to a settlement.

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